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Culdcept Second (カルドセプト セカンド, Karudoseputo Sekando) is a turn-based strategy video game for the Dreamcast. It is the sequel to the Saturn title Culdcept . An expansion for the game, Culdcept Second Expansion, was released for the PlayStation 2. Metacritic Game Reviews, Culdcept for PlayStation 2, "Culdcept", the book of creation and destruction made by the absolute Goddess, Culdra. Culdcept II (DC) / Culdcept [II] (PS2) / Culdcept 3DS The first sequel in the series, the DC game was a huge leap forward. DC and PS2 are.

A collection of player-created decks for Culdcept (PS2) and Culdcept II (DC). From well-refined to just for giggles, they're here. Decks with the designation ( HoF). Culdcept 2 (マガジンZコミックス) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Culdcept: Video Games. and hours of fun! I only wish that Culdcept 2 had been translated as well, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Read more.