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Rush kid gloves

A world of difference / A world so out of touch / Overwhelmed by everything / But wanting more so much / Call it blind frustration / Call it blind man's bluff. Handle with kid gloves. Then you learn the lessons. Taught in school won't be enough. Put on your kid gloves. Put on your kid gloves. Then you learn the lesson. Background and Commentary "With its circular riff and 5/4 beat, 'Kid Gloves' would be the warmest jaunt on Grace Under Pressure."Martin.

This is so weird, Kid Gloves just came up in my shuffle and I was reminded Grace under pressure is one of my top 3 rush albums for sure. Kid gloves may refer to: Contents. 1 Clothing; 2 Music; 3 Film; 4 Other. Clothing[ edit]. White gloves used for handling objects without leaving a trace. Often used in ceremony or for servers (butlers, maids, etc.) Gloves made from kid leather. Music[edit]. "Kid Gloves", by Rush from the album Grace Under Pressure; " Kid. "Kid Gloves" by Rush fits in nicely with overall the dark, cold war setting of Grace Under Pressure. It tells of making your kid tough so they can learn the lessons.

Kid Gloves by Rush tab with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Always loved the delay on the intro, so gave it a shot. Just a mono dot delay, but I think it's fairly accurate (the delay, not so much the tone).