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Cold sweat 1994

Mark Cahill is a good family man with a loving wife and two wonderful children. Mark also happens to be a hit man who is haunted by his last victim, a blonde. Ben Cross plays hit man with the vestiges of a conscience in Cold Sweat. After killing the wrong person, Cahill (Cross) is all for packing it in. Cold Sweat is a French/ Italian international co-production starring Charles Bronson and directed by Terence Young. It is based on the novel Ride.

Cold Sweat - Directed by Gail Harvey. 93 minutes. Mark Cahill is a family man with a loving wife and two children, but he's also a hit man with a lustful. Cold Sweat on Find trailers, reviews, and all info for Cold Sweat by Gail Harvey. August 4, AM PT. Usa World Premiere Movie Cold Sweat but “Cold Sweat” seems little more than a low-budget film designed.

So Cold Sweat deals with a family man (Ben Cross) who engages in a little sideline work as a hitman, only the ghost of his last victim won't.