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Libnfc library

Platform independent Near Field Communication (NFC) library - nfc-tools/libnfc. - libnfc/ at master - 23 releases - Examples. Public platform independent Near Field Communication (NFC) library. libnfc is the first libre low level NFC SDK and Programmers API released  Download - Development version - Installation - POSIX systems. Introduction. On this site you will find official information concerning the open source library libnfc for Near Field Communication (NFC) and.

Introduction. This is the developer manual for libnfc. libnfc is an open source library that allows you to communicate with NFC devices. For more info, see the. libnfc is a mature, cross-platform, open-source NFC library that can be easily configured to work with the PN Breakout Board. While Linux is probably the. Source Package: libnfc () [universe] libnfc-dev: Near Field Communication (NFC) library (development files) Other Packages Related to libnfc.

libnfc-bin: Near Field Communication (NFC) binaries. libnfc is a library for Near Field Communication. It abstracts the low-level details of. To make this task, I will use the libnfc library. The problem that my project will be developed with C and I have to use the I2C bus to connect my. I couldn't find any recipe for libnfc installation in yocto. communicate with NFC devices while the libnfc-nci is the native library providing NFC.