Worst driver license pictures download

Worst driver license pictures

That's where these funny driver license pictures come in. You may have a bad license picture, you may have taken a few funny drivers license photos in your day. Why are our driver's license photos always so bad? of one thing, and one thing only: Your driver's license photo will always look terrible. This Guy Keeps Trolling The Government With His Driving Licence Photos, And Scroll down to check out Jono's hilarious drivers licence troll, and click here to .

Post with votes and views. Shared by fbipeeper. Trolling my drivers license photo. Jono Zalay is a comedian whose family has a humorous tradition: they troll the DMV by creating a new wild persona every time they need to. Has anyone ever taken a great drivers' license photo? One man has: STORY: FBI using face recognition on DMV photos. STORY: States.

License and registration, please step out of the car. In NYS a commercial license if your only drivers license. The thought being that .. Funny, but this seems like a terrible idea.. permalink I had to have my picture taken 30 times because the DMV rejected it. (Also In Indiana.). All 51 Driver License Designs Ranked Worst to Best The best part of this sample license is that that's not even a picture of a real human, but.