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Despot Housewives. Documentary | TV Series (–) · Episode Guide. 0 episodes · Despot Housewives Poster. Add a Plot». For the first time ever the most infamous first ladies (Imelda Marcos, Philippines; Agathe Habyarimana, Rwanda; Nexhmije Hoxha, Albania; Jewel Taylor, Liberia; . Synopsis: After season 1, discover three new families of autocrats or bloodstained despots' wives, three episodes that combine love, glory, and.

Synopsis: The intermingled destinies of autocrats' or bloodstained despots' wives, divided into five big families, five episodes that combine. Despot Housewives is a series of eight chilling documentaries that tell the story of the intermingled destinies of autocrats' and bloodstained despots' wives. Many films have shown dictatorial regimes all over the world, but only a few films show the role played by the despot's spouses. They accepted.