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DexGuard protects your Android applications with code hardening (obfuscation and encryption) and runtime application self-protection. Learn more now!. ProGuard is a generic optimizer for Java bytecode while DexGuard provides advanced protection for Android applications. DexGuard is a specialized tool for the protection of Android applications. It enables you to shrink, optimize and obfuscate desktop applications, embedded. We are proud to announce the release of DexGuard The latest DexGuard release contains important new security features and usability improvements.

ProGuard provides name obfuscation: it can replace the original names of classes, methods, and fields by short, meaningless names. Secure your Android applications against unauthorized or illegal use, reverse engineering and cracking. DexGuard is a popular commercial anti-piracy software written by Guardsquare which can help obfuscate an APK file. It's pretty easy to.

Cached copies of the leak seem to indicate the actual source code was not leaked - just various configuration files, tools, and sample projects. DexGuard is a commercial optimizer and obfuscator tool written by Eric Lafortune (who developed ProGuard). It is used in the place of ProGuard. Rather than. One easy way to make it harder for hackers to attack an Android app is to use obfuscation to remove strings and variable names. Follow these instructions to support ProGuard or DexGuard with New Relic Mobile for Android. If you have previously installed the Android agent SDK for New.