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Nefesch (born 12 May ) is a mentalist, hypnotist and writer from El Salvador. He is known for his performances on many television shows including The. MentalGram by Nefesch (Instant Download) 3 impromptu techniques to read minds and make predictions with your spectator's Social Media (Facebook, Twitter. A Unique Magic Collection and some amazing material previously unreleased until now Once there was magic. Then Nefesch came. And REAL magic arrived.

Nefesch Mentalist, magic and mentalism instant downloads. Nefesch is a Mentalist, also known as mind reader. Through the use of Psychology, NLP, Suggestion, Hypnosis, Body language and other mind techniques. Learn and buy magic created by Nefesch from Vanishing Inc. Magic shop.

But you'd be wrong. It's poorly lit, and poorly mic'd. It's still good enough to learn the effects, and Nefesch does a good job explaining them and their nuances.