World of tanks clown skins download

World of tanks clown skins

As of late , the so called clown skins were allowed, so i wonder if they matches your server group or clan and enter your WoT-username. Ferdinand Clown Skin - posted in Tank Skins Photos: After reading about clown skins on the forum -- found it odd that I could not find any clown. i dont care if there using hit box skins, they get clown tanks and i get to Anyway, the word on the street is that most of the hitbox skins are old.

only one of my tanks shows up w/ clown normal? In a week will be available hit skins for this tanks –,SuperPershing, AMX 50 Foch 30 Nov - 20 min - Uploaded by DezGamez World of Tanks AMX M4 54 Gameplay Review, New Tier 10 French Heavy Tank. World of. One thing I absolutely despise in WoT are all the goofy, Make WG EU sell the non-clown camo version of the premiums as an option. . i also have really gotten sick of looking at the fucking patriot skin. i see it so often that.

After reading about clown skins on the WoT forums - decided to make a clown skin for the Ferdinand. and it features Clowns Install this skin the. Clown skin for the Hetzer featuring a free clipart clown install the old fashioned way by building the tree and installing it sorry not to have a. its funny every patch you can get updated hit skins (clown suits) or a good selection of anime skins but not cammo skins which i and probably a.